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Spingola Speaks radio program, Tuesday, September 13, 2011 on RBN
Her guest was Veronica Clark, a regular on Deanna’s program who is a scholar of German History specializing in warfare.

One of the recurring themes in Veronica Clark’s work is de-bunking the myth that the “Nazi’s Run the World”, as laid out in Jim Marrs’ book “The Rise of the Fourth Reich”, for instance. This synopsis of this myth is that fanatical Nazis were brought to America after WWII, and secretly took over the power centers of government and industry, developing weapons technology and bringing the philosophy of the end justifies the means – thus, endless wars of aggression and curtailment of civil liberties. Veronica Clark, who has been studying Nazi Germany for the past 8 years, along with Deanna – a documentary historian (as opposed to records historian) completely discredit this myth on so many levels. Here is a good video (short) called “The Nazis did not and do not run the world” . I believe that this is important to understand, because it seems that everyone is comparing all evil in our world to Nazi evil, and Hitler, and if people would just dig a little deeper than the NY Times bestseller author Jim Marrs (and others), they would realize that this is all pure myth and fabrication. Just to clarify, no one is saying that Jim Marrs books don’t contain truth – they do – but you have to remember the 90 – 10 rule: 90%truth, 10% lies. It’s the 10% that they try to sneak in with the 90% truth. Ever since I found out about that, I have seen it in so many places.

Some points:

The Dulles brothers were not involved in this plot to get the Nazi’s over here. Fritz Springmeir’s book is a lie. There was only 1 meeting where the Dulles brothers attended.

Yes, the US shares principles with Nazi Germany, but that doesn’t mean that the Nazis are responsible for our situation today. What most Americans cannot accept is the truth that the United States has been an Imperial, genocidal power from the beginning, and one has only to look into the great annihilation of indigenous peoples on our continent to see the truth of that.

Veronica went into the different types and categories of warfare – such as military philosophy (Immanuel Kant), Military Theory (Sun Tsu), Military Strategy, and Military tactics. She discussed the different types and compared Hitler’s military to modern NATO military. Hitler was a Strategist, and the German army used AUSTRAGSTAKGIK – which was defined by NOT micromanaging the army. Hitler was not a micromanager. The officers were told basically what to do, and it was up to them to work out the details. This philosophy has proved to be the better one as compared to the French method of always waiting for orders from the top, which sometimes didn’t come until it was too late, and was always detrimental and demoralizing to the soldiers. AUSTRAGSTAKGIK was better known as German Maneuver Warfare. OODA loop – Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. It was about targeting the mind of the enemy, not bombing them into submission, which never works in the long run (NATO). Avoid unnecessary battles. The US military relies on their technology too much – in other words – technology defines the war. The Germans didn’t do that – they understood that what good are 100 tanks if they’re all stuck in the mud?

Officers today do not study military theory. Most US soldiers have no idea what they’re fighting for, and neither do the people.

Veronica then went into a subject called “Group Theories and Models”

I thought this was interesting as it reminded me somewhat of what happened with our Assembly last year.

We act completely different in groups than we do on our own. We need to get to the point where you can be yourself – absolutely open. There are 2 phases of groups, each with 3 sub-phases:

Phase 1 Subphases:

Dependency… New member anxiety, the new member wants to gain acceptance, so we accept the leader as benevolent. We try not to arouse rejection from other group members
Counter-dependency fight – this happens in every group. It is natural, healthy. 2 competing factions within the group. Everyone’s trying to outdo the other. 1 faction sides with the leader, and the other opposes the leader. The defeating faction opposes the leader because it desires more direction
Resolution/Catharsis. Mediation & resolution – sometimes a 3rd group springs up
Phase 2 Subphases

Enchantment – Ultra cohesion – suppression of individual and conformity of agreement – purging or eliminating those who want to break away
resolution catharsis – effective mediation by 3rd sub group.

The above discussion about Group Theories and Models was in relation to Hitler’s Germany, and went into great detail of the different factions, and all the intrigue that went along with it. The amazing thing, according to Veronica is that Hitler was able to survive all of this intrigue and come out on top. She had no doubt that the same type of complicated group factions and intrigue goes on at the top levels of government everywhere, including the US.


Hitler – AKA “Alibi of the West” and the Nazis are not responsible for the dire situation we find ourselves in today. To keep repeating this lie is to perpetuate damaging myths that never get us closer to the solution.

It’s important to understand group psychology if we are involved in any groups of our own, and also to better understand history.

Oh, yes, 2 more things: Hitler was not a jew – there’s absolutely no evidence of that, despite the popular “truth movement” books out there, and Hitler was NOT gay. There’s a book called Adolf and Eva that completely debunks that myth.


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