The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes

TOPIC: You are responsible for the state we are in.
KEY POINTS: Children are smarter than adults
LENGTH OF VIDEO: Six minutes forty two seconds

And Jeff Bridges silences a room with some frank talk; To those of you who do not have HBO or have it but didn’t get to see this new 1-hour show called Newsroom starring Jeff Daniels, here is a clip of the opening of the show: Jeff Daniels, an actor, is also a national news figure for a national TV Network.

The opening of the show is Jeff and two other TV news anchors are part of a panel addressing college students at a question and answer symposium. One student asks a question to all three panelists: “Why do you think the United States is the best country in the world?” The other two gave their brief answers then Jeff replied “The NY Yankees”. The panel mediator interjects and tells Jeff that he does not accept his answer and pushes him to a serious answer. This is when Jeff lets it rip to a reality check…Watch.

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