Walter Burien -CAFR funds New Video

TOPIC: ENDING TAXATION –The only game in town – Walter Burien Jr.
KEY POINTS: Points out that we have real wealth right under our nose.
BENEFIT OF REVIEWING THIS MATERIAL: An understanding of the system.
LENGTH OF VIDEO: One Hour 12 minutes.

4 thoughts on “Walter Burien -CAFR funds New Video

  1. Of course ….Without doubt the site is an excellent example of relevant information and wisdom
    Please continue to e-mail the Just-Us Para-L:egal Outreach of Chicago
    Our efforts to create a More Perfect Justice is limited only by lack of information and therefore we applaud your endeavor to speak truth and nothing but truth
    Just-Us PARA-LEGAL NOMINATES Walter Burian
    Best Supporting Actor of the millenium !

  2. While Burien is Right On when he says true wealth comes from the population, he has a few facts muddied up.

    #1. ALL currency is fiat, whether gold, beads, cow dung or paper – if the government authorizes it to be currency. (See my attached “cheat” sheet on what is money)

    #2. Right now, we in effect have bank fiat money, via the Federal Reserve System. Our currency is almost wholly created through this system, as loans – or debt.

    #3. Basically, we as a people are “renting” our own money, because we have to pay interest and other fees to the banks when we take out or pay off loans. This creates a SHORTAGE of actual money circulating in the economy as I describe VERY clearly in Part 2 of my book.

    #4. Burien is saying, as I understand it, that the money so created by the Federal Reserve System (modeled after Hamilton’s plan) gets re-circulated and comes back to government in the form of taxes, etc. which government then uses for illicit or undemocratic purposes. But in reality, much of that money is used to pay interest and other fees to the banking system, which then designs “investment tools” through which government can supposedly make a killing. One example involves derivatives, ala the Carlyle group selling the Illinois Teachers pension fund a bunch of derivatives, promising a 42% return, which shortly thereafter went belly up. Meanwhile Carlyle and company cleaned up in fees. The CAFRs are used by the financiers to justify these phony investments, but it doesn’t have to be this way, IF we had enough MONEY circulating in the system, and IF (IMO) we had pay-as-you go in pensions ala Burien’s deceased ally Gerald Klatt. (see also attached document which discusses the advantages of pay-as-you-go.)

    #5. Government is lured into fudging numbers due to the chronic and GROWING shortage of MONEY in circulation. This is evidenced by the fact that we have an estimated M3 of somewhere around $14 trillion in circulation, and somewhere around $55 trillion in public and private debt, almost $16 trillion of which is personal debt — making it obvious that we can’t pay off debt, either public debt or personal in the collective sense. This is exactly what the “Jeffersonians” warned about back in the day. Jefferson in fact (along with some others) clearly explained how Congress critters, etc would be bought off by the debt/money proposal by Hamilton- a version of which we have now. NB: there is another category of money, composed primarily of currency and credit derivatives, amounting to some $600+ trillion — but that is all creations of the financial economy, supported by we the taxpayer. WHY? Because pension funds, etc are holding this toxic stuff in their accounts. Those “assets” in other words have been built on a house of cards.

    #6. Those who can will find some angle or other to get lured in “get rich quick schemes.” THAT is the “dark” side of money – which as you know is not really money at all, but debt-serving-as-money. This “money substitute” creates a culture that worships “mammon” at all costs.

    #7. By Burien’s own account, government “investments” are the very things doing us in: big pharma, big ag, big energy, defense, same as what most everyone invests in. WHY keep these things in place through TRF or any other means? We need to phase those things out of the system. The ONLY way to do that with any chance of success is to stop funneling wealth to the banking system at the expense of everyone else, government included, by demanding that Congress do its Constitutional duty and “coin money and regulate the value thereof.”

    #8. I agree with Burien that the country is being devoured by a “virus” but for way different reasons. It is not government that is the heart of the problem. Rather, it is the money system which allows the banking system/financiers to “extort” (even if government is now bought off enough to be actively complicit in such extortion). Moreover, it is a function of the current money system to promote a revolving door between Wall Street and government.

    #9. Taxation is NOT theft!! It is a method by which to operate essential government operations and “extinguish” REAL MONEY that has served its purpose building public services and infrastructure. I also describe this in part 2 of my book.

    #10. That said, taxes, “user fees” and the like should go WAY, WAY down with proper reform. But this reform involves installation of a proper, democratic money system, allowing local communities to keep their wealth instead of giving it to the financiers and banking system.

    My two cents,

    geri p

  3. I think this site contains some real good information for everyone. “Few friendships would survive if each one knew what his friend says of him behind his back.” by Blaise Pascal.

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