Behold a Pale Horse….

TOPIC: William Cooper – Behold a Pale Horse
KEY POINTS: 1991 video of his experience in the “government”. Replete with lots of “proof sources”, albeit a bit fuzzy as they are screen shots of screen shots, but considering the time that he made the film and what has happened since, it provides an interesting perspective.
BENEFIT OF REVIEWING THIS MATERIAL: Other information to cross validate things you come across.
LENGTH OF VIDEO: 19 –twelve minute segments

2 thoughts on “Behold a Pale Horse….

  1. Bill makes a lot of sense and sometimes seems like disinfo. Some think he was for real because it appears like murder. But hey, guess what, the people who run this world would send one of their guys to lie to us and then shoot him in the back to convince us!! Thats how they trap us sometimes. Getting us to fall into the Occum’s Razor false answer while they engineer us away from the unlikely truth. Scares me how really bright people don’t seem to consider these alternatives.

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