Earthlings – a moment of pause to think.

TOPIC: Earthlings. All beings of the planet are earthlings.
KEY POINTS: What goes around comes around.
BENEFIT OF REVIEWING THIS MATERIAL: Most of the ills of the planet are from ignorance. You won’t be able to claim ignorance after watching.
LENGTH OF VIDEO: Ten 10 Minute clips.

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Don’t blame them, they are preoccupied.

The High Price of Materialism: 5 minutes 37 seconds.

See also The Century of The Self – link in center of page.


Rights of Indigenous people

TOPIC: Rights of Indigenous People
KEY POINTS: Use of International Treaties to strengthen your position.
BENEFIT OF REVIEWING THIS MATERIAL: Places the burden on Jurisdiction, which is usually one of the best ways to stop court cases.

LENGTH OF VIDEO: Seven 15 minute videos

Supporting Video: I AM – by  Tom Shadyac

(producer Ace Ventura,Bruce Almighty)

The golden nugget comes at the 22 minute mark on the first of three. In indigenous cultures, cooperation is considered the highest societal value. Competition beyond certain levels is considered a mental illness.

G. Edward Griffin shares his thoughts about the Occupy protests going on all around the world. The solution to this is simple.
Corporations are fictions. We just need to hold the people accountable. Monsanto did not modify a single plant or create a single toxic substance. GM did not make a single car. Government did not inject your kids with toxic vaccines. People did all the work. People! We did it.