Let’s embrace the New World Order

Order out of chaos, that is the motto of the NWO. But if the current powers that be continue their control, this isn’t really a new world order, it is the same order that has been in charge for 2000 years. A New World Order would be NEW! And a new order out of the chaos which has been produced would be where individuals became responsible for themselves and their community. A new world order would be one where people actually reason things out rather than rely on the manufactured opinions of the media. That would be new. A grassroots example of people actually thinking, taking action and making a difference is illustrated, of all places, in war torn Detroit, where the system has failed. This may suggest how bad things must get until people wake up. Despite that observation, it is encouraging, the system is self imploding so there is no need for anyone to “revolt”, what is needed is for people to begin thinking of ways that THEY can work together locally and recycle the notion that all solutions must be endorsed by “government”. Defacto Governments exist only because there is a vacuum of local leadership Read how the spontaneous “new world” order is taking root in Michigan.

MORE PROOF: Revelations from an Illuminati Insider


Interstate 60 – The road less traveled

TOPIC: Entertainment – with a message
KEY POINTS: Life is but a dream.
BENEFIT OF REVIEWING THIS MATERIAL: Gives many insights to life in general.
LENGTH OF VIDEO: One Hour fifty six minutes
LINK: Michael J Fox, Christopher Lloyd cameo to bring you back to the future again.

Rather than put this on your “to watch” list if you are short on time, jump to the 56:43 mark andĀ  the 1:19:36 mark. TheseĀ  two scenes are priceless.

Note: This movie keeps getting removed, so if the link is dead, post a msg and I will find it again, or you can search for it on Hulu.

It’s a dream within a dream and you can’t take it with you.

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