Spirit Science 22

Published on 5 Aug 2013 by TheSpiritScience:

Believe it or not, the original script for this was written waaaayy back over a year ago. What sparked the inspiration was meeting two of my biggest inspirations. My friends Michael Evans, and Ray Kamille, through which I learned so much about the flow, light, waves, and how they relate to our experiences here on 3D, that i wrote a draft for this!

Over the past year, the creation and editing of this script just didn’t flow, i couldn’t seem to create it, something was missing….

And now, as a part of the “Lesson 22 Series about Light”, it’s back and a doozy! I think you’ll really like this one a lot.

This lesson is all about Cycles and Waves, what “Going with the Flow” means, and taking a deeper look at the fractal nature of time, DNA, and the different kinds of cycles that exist all around us that we are a part of.

This video is also a shout out to all of you Mathematics teachers out there. You know how the students always look at Sine waves and say “How am I going to use this at all out in the real world?”, and nobody seems to have an answer?

Now you can show them this video 😛

Much love everyone, have a happy Monday!

Background art by the incredible Chris Masterton,
Animated and Edited by Jordan Pearce,
With Additional Writing and Awesome Input by Ray Kamille,
And editing by Landon Avalon




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