Servant King UPDATE

TOPIC: An informative overview of how the system operates for and AGAINST you by your will.
KEY POINTS: Good understanding of terms, definitions, concepts regarding estates, your birthright is floating at sea open to piracy.
BENEFIT OF REVIEWING THIS MATERIAL: a concise overview of necessary understanding the nature of fictions and how you are responsible for acts against yourself.
LENGTH OF VIDEO: approximately eight one hour videos.

visit site: for the whole video series.
sample video

This site is the red pill, it just offers the truth and reveals things you are not supposed to know. This site just gives public information.
SERVANT KING Study guide/transcripts.

Update on the Unraveled Intro: Aug 22:
Unraveled Study Guides Here: UNRAVELED STUDY GUIDE

November 2013: UPDATE

Unraveled programs here:

And Here:

Waking Up – YouTube – Transcript One

▶ How is it Possible? – YouTube – Transcript Two

▶ A Lame Claim – YouTube – Transcript Three

Nothing, is it Something? – YouTube – Transcript Four

▶ Oh, my God – YouTube – Transcript Five

▶ The Initiative of Iniquity – YouTube – Transcript Six

▶ Out of the Frying Pan, into the Fire – YouTube – Transcript Seven

▶ To Be or Not to Be – YouTube – Transcript Eight

▶ The Serpent Move – YouTube – Transcript Nine

▶ Your Personal Mark of the Beast – YouTube – Transcript Ten

▶ The Determiner – YouTube – Transcript Eleven

▶ The Perfect Swindle Exposed – YouTube – Transcript Twelve

▶ Disclosure: The Word of God – YouTube – Transcript Thirteen

But It may be to your advantage to go through the first videos before you jump in here.


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