Communicating Pernicious Belief

Second book from  A.Q.West.   Released December 8, 2014

TOPIC: Communicating Pernicious Beliefs –In order for a lie to be told, there must be two people. One who utters it, and the other who accepts it. What if the truth was all around but you just couldn’t see it?
KEY POINTS: Is the sender the liar or the receiver the deceiver? Do you know the history of language and its role in how you think? How clever pronunciation or capitalization can change the intent of a word without most people noticing. The book touches on history of how this knowledge is unknowingly used by most people in plain sight for the past 2000 years by merchants and courts. Communication is a frequency which has been around much longer than that.
BENEFIT OF REVIEWING THIS MATERIAL: Interesting overview connecting the dots relating to mind, law, government.  Gives insight on “seeing” reality from multiple perspectives. The book is a quick informative read written as an interactive book. Consider it a compendium of well laid out and interrelated hyperlinks in a small package. Free Download by clicking on the link below.

LENGTH OF BOOK: PDF – 42 pages with 18 pages of appendix

For free download of book, click on title>: Communicating Pernicious Beliefs

Supporting bonus document:Its all in your head

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