Death by Doctor

TOPIC: Kevorkian lives in a clever disguise.
KEY POINTS: Recognition that YOU should take responsibility for your health, and your beliefs.
BENEFIT OF REVIEWING THIS MATERIAL: Increased perception skills.

Length of video: under 6 minutes.

Bonus Information: Vaccines -ugh!

How the mind treats “impossible things that couldn’t be happening”

by Jon Rappoport February 13, 2017

Thursday May 5, 2016 Medical Error is Third Leading Cause of Death – Estimated at 250,000 Annually

December 2015 State Senator Kemp Hannon, the author of the recently passed law that will require all seventh and twelfth graders in the state to get meningitis shots, has been caught taking large bribes from pharmaceutical and health companies.

DO NOT SIGN the Refusal to Vaccinate form!

Medicine in this country is an admitted fraud by VP of Pfizer:

Preventative Medicine

After Healing His Own Cancer with Cannabis, Self-Taught Doctor Helped over 5000 Patients

Heal Your Face by Marcus Rothkranz

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