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TOPIC: Recognizing a psychological operation.

KEY POINTS: Aside from the well published “law” which authorizes the “US Govt” to conduct psychological warfare against enemies (which means the US pop) and the clumsy and contradictory information gaffs which a thinking 7 year old would spot, this video is a decent overview of the “programming” being used.

BENEFIT OF REVIEWING THIS MATERIAL: Recognizing the problem is half solving it. And right on time we have “Sully” opening (9/9/16) as the symphonic drumbeat with a bit of a different note to the “PLANES DOWN IN NEW YORK” to mellow out the meme, among numerous “terror” headlines, “FIRE”,  “FLOODS” and “EARTHQUAKES”  designed to sensory overload the un-cognizant people who don’t realize it is their very own Truman show.

An example of how people are conditioned to “repeat behaviors”. (and propaganda)

And a glimpse as to how long this has been going on and a few nuggets of hope as to how many people are actually catching on…..