In honor of 2016



A moment of silence for our friends who passed on in 2016.


Come home – remotely

TOPIC: Remote Viewing – Non locational awareness – how to decipher truths in a time of openly “fake news” and ideas.
KEY POINTS:  Fundamentally this may be the silver bullet for society. This concept is thousands of years old, it is not new age. It was discussed in the first chapter of the Bible – do not eat of the forbidden fruitof other peoples thoughts.  It was suggested several more times: Psalms 46:10. (Be still ). The same message is given by Buddha,  Zen Masters etc.  If you simply Google “Remote viewing” and you will find nearly 21 MILLION results from other enlightened beings. [EnLIGHTen-MENT – Light of the MENTal – light of the mind]
BENEFIT OF REVIEWING THIS MATERIAL: You may find that you don’t need to be told what to think, you can use your internal truth seeker and live without fear.

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Ongoing Examples:

December 2016 Readings:

One interpretation of the results:

Nothing says that these aren’t just precursors to similar events. The week of the 26th through the 1st ought to be especially noteworthy.

They post their interpretations of the results at the end of the month.

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The end of all republics



“It is entirely possible that a political and psychopathic union may form during lulls in evidentiary activity.  If enough time passes without a leak or a whistleblower, they may temporarily stabilize key support and convert the republic into some variation of dictatorship.  This is where enlightened countries may be entirely lost to tyranny.  This is where stupid psychopaths below the top rung do anything to save their own skin.  There is justice among the horror as it won’t work for most.”

Full text here:

La Belle Verte



La Belle Verte (The Green Beautiful) A Banned French Film which asks:

Free speech, Protests and Dissent to the governments’ policies was ILLEGAL?
If the people can not peacefully protest and petition the government to honor human rights, freedom and Liberty and the government is prepared for violence then perhaps a more effective tool is to en masse BOYCOTT & GENERAL STRIKE all government, corporate services, products, jobs and commerce.

WE the people are the solution.

This video is hard to find, banned under the pretense of copyright infringement on Youtube. This suggests to us that there is a truth in the movie.

You will need to follow the link:
(while it still works)


The “Green Planet” belongs to another solar system. Through the simplicity of their lifestyle those who live there are a real step ahead of us: they spend their time concentrating their knowledge, strength and energy on the development of their minds and bodies in a natural environment which they dearly preserve and care for. Once a year, they gather in the crater of a dormant volcano to decide which planets they ought to send messengers to. There are volunteers for every planet except Earth, which is considered too polluted and too dangerous. One woman alone, Mila, decides to go there to seek out her identity, as Osam the old sage has revealed to her that she was conceived there during a previous trip by her father.