Come home – remotely

TOPIC: Remote Viewing – Non locational awareness – how to decipher truths in a time of openly “fake news” and ideas.
KEY POINTS:  Fundamentally this may be the silver bullet for society. This concept is thousands of years old, it is not new age. It was discussed in the first chapter of the Bible – do not eat of the forbidden fruitof other peoples thoughts.  It was suggested several more times: Psalms 46:10. (Be still ). The same message is given by Buddha,  Zen Masters etc.  If you simply Google “Remote viewing” and you will find nearly 21 MILLION results from other enlightened beings. [EnLIGHTen-MENT – Light of the MENTal – light of the mind]
BENEFIT OF REVIEWING THIS MATERIAL: You may find that you don’t need to be told what to think, you can use your internal truth seeker and live without fear.

Vimeo Link: Does not embed – excellent overview

Ongoing Examples:

December 2016 Readings:

One interpretation of the results:

Nothing says that these aren’t just precursors to similar events. The week of the 26th through the 1st ought to be especially noteworthy.

They post their interpretations of the results at the end of the month.

Click Here for their interpretation of December Reading Results:

For Future readings:


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