The lab rat that was you…

30 second mark: Hidden Oligarchy originated in ancient Greece –

42 second mark: Education System constructs the stage sets by design

1:06 second mark:

1:35 mark: Those that can see… Stock Market is Rigged –

1:36 mark: Cancer Zodiac symbolism, the Cancer symbol of the Crab expresses the nurturing, feminine qualities of this zodiac sign. As a compassionate water sign and a self-starting cardinal sign, Cancer is the caretaker of the zodiac, the sign that is also known for establishing a sense of home, family, roots and children.

3:00 mark: only you can take control of your reality:

4:20 mark: Generally we are someone else…

4:30 mark: Everything is a lie ..

4:41 mark: Cognitive Dissonance:

5:00 mark: “the kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:20-21)

6:46 mark: Holly wood – origination

8:55 mark: Smollet paid $3500 to stage attack

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