April 20, 2016 Government Officials Admit to ECONOMIC False Flag Operations

February 2, 2016 58 ADMITTED False Flag Attacks

False Flags Are Giving Us Clues

December 2015:The False Flag Formula – 15 Ways to Detect a False Flag Operation

This false flag formula list includes 15 ways to detect false flag operations, either with real victims – or fake ones (false flag hoaxes).

A false flag formula is becoming readily apparent

And now it is legal to do, see link at the bottom of this link:

Same MO that has been used throughout the ages: Control through Fear. 27 seconds

August 25, 2013 update: HOW THEY DO IT.


Sandy Hook, Aurora, Boston Marathon all call for Gun Control.
Here is the best seven minutes on Gun Control you will ever see.

James Corbett – When False Flags Won’t Fly


Tacit admission?